Why Choose Picklnn Sofa Cover?

Picklnn is committed to providing cost-effective home protectors that maintain an elegant and simple taste while refurbishing furniture.

What’s the advantage of our slipcovers?

✔Stretched material for perfect fit, not easily deformed and durable.

✔Comfortable stylish, bring a brand new style to your sofa

✔Protect your sofa from stains, spills, wear and scratch, great for homes with kids and pets.

Repurpose the Furniture That Uou Already Wwn and Love! 


Do you find yourself constantly looking for ways to redecorate and liven up your home? Need a quick, easy and affordable way to make an old couch look brand new or a new couch stay new? It’s not always easy when TV and magazines are covered by amazing interior spreads showing an array of expensive furniture options! We understand that it doesn’t make sense to buy a new couch every few years when you see one you like more!

We’ve Found the Solution…Especially for Your L-Shaped Sofa!

Picklnn Covers are stretchy and durable, ensuring both excellent function and comfort! Protect your new sofa from daily wear and tear, spills and stains, or give your favourite old sofa a new, rejuvenated look instead of buying a completely new one!

How to Choose the Right Size for Your Sofa

Sofa Slipcover Size(The distance between the armrest and the armrest along the sofa):

-One Seater: 90 – 140cm/35 – 55 Inch Approx
-Two Seater: 145 – 185cm/57 – 72 Inch Approx
-Three Seater: 195 – 230cm/76 – 90 Inch Approx
-Four Seater: 235 – 310cm/92 – 122 Inch Approx

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