Baby Infant Head Protection Soft Hat

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Your baby’s balance may not be what it should be just yet. That takes a little practice on their part to master. In the mean time you can help protect your child from any head injuries by outfitting them with a cute baby helmet.

Main features:

Construction Materials – The inner liner is black, environmentally-friendly, breathable, cotton-soft: it has the advantages of shock absorption, impact resistance, ventilation, and gentleness. To absorb impacts and bumps with ease.

Chin Strap and Foam – The use of environmentally friendly suede, comfortable, sweat-absorbing, anti-static and so on. The best cotton on your baby’s skin and can absorb moisture at the same time. It is also easy to clean.
The overall weight of the hat is light, the size can be adjusted in a large range (long cycle).

Air Vents: To stay cool when they wear their safety helmet. Make sure you get lots of air vents to enhance air flow.

1. Available in gray or pink
2. Size can be adjusted

Package Contents: 1 pcs


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