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Colorful Pathway Solar Light (4/8/12/18 Lights) with 7 Colour Changing Colorize Lights Decorative Weatherproof Auto On/Off Outdoor Lights: Garden, Landscape, Patio, Pool, Yard


  • Bright Right Gives Light to Pathways so You Won’t be Tripping & Falling in the Dark.
  • Super Easy-To-Use – Just Place it Down & it Immediately Begins Absorbing the Suns Energy when Night Falls it Automatically Turns on!
  • Small, Simple, & Convenient – No Complicated Wiring, Batteries or Professional Installation Required.
  • No Ugly Large Lights, Tangled Wiring or Replacing Batteries all the Time – Just Ultra-Bright Light!


Ever felt like your house looks a little dull from the outside? You want to install some super bright, colorful lights but hiring an electrician would cost you an arm and a leg.

But there’s a solution… imagine your home surrounded by a beautiful glow of bright lights…

imagine your neighbors’ faces when they see how stunning your yard looks now with all that color.


 Our new solar-powered color lights are transforming American homes from boring and dull to the envy of the neighborhood (without any complicated wiring or professional installation!)

Don’t Waste Thousands Of Dollars (Or Hours Of Manual Labor) Installing Some Ugly Wiring

 Wild animals can chew off your wiring making your pricey installation worthless.Our Light can be set up in just a few minutes and doesn’t need constant maintenance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do light turn on at Night?

Our light uses dusk to dawn technology to automatically turn on when it gets dark outside. And when the sun comes up, bright rights turn off and start charging with their solar panels. 

How many do I need for my home?

We recommend getting at least 12 for your home. 4 lights can typically cover one area such as a small garden or porch.

Are these waterproof and safe for sprinklers?

Yes!  lights work in tough conditions. Some of our customers have told us their lights have been through heavy rain and they still work just fine!


Do I need batteries or wiring?

No, Our light only uses it’s solar panels to charge. It doesn’t need any batteries or complicated wiring for it to work.

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12 Lights, 18 Lights, 4 Lights, 8 Lights