Mini Heating Coasters Automatic insulation -55℃ Heat Anti Leakage Tempered Glass Panel Coffee Tea Drink Warmer


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Common Problem
-What kind of cups can be used for thermostat coasters?
Available metal stainless steel cup, ceramic cup, glass cup.
-What is the material of the thermostat coaster panel and shell?
The panel is made of high temperature resistant tempered glass, and the shell is made of ABS environmental protection material.
-How hot is the surface of the thermostat coaster, will it burn children?
The temperature of the glass surface is over 100 degrees, please touch the glass surface with your hands when heating to avoid burns.
-Can the thermostat coaster directly heat beverages packed in cans, glass bottles, and pillows?
It is not recommended, it is best to use cups and reheat.

Rosou Coaster

Give You a Cup Of Warmth 55ºConstant Temperature Microgravity Sensing Rapid Heating Compact And Lightweight

Warm you,Should be taken care of

No matter the weather is getting colder or hotter, there should be a warm accompanying company. The significance of the existence of the thermostatic coaster is that you can always have the warmth held in the palm of your hand at any time.

55 °C Optimum warm drink Sudden changes in temperature

In the power-on state, the constant temperature is 55°C without cooling, the hot water changes temperature, and the low-temperature water heats up, locking the just good temperature, so that you can feel the warmth at any time when you need it. Heating effect experiment heating curve of Lexiu thermostat coaster * With 55 °C as the equilibrium temperature point, the temperature will vary depending on the external weather temperature and whether the cup wants to have a lid or not.

18W low power, energy saving, quiet and care

18W low power, safe and energy saving, the power is only 1% of the household induction cooker, continuous use of electricity for 2 or 3 days consumes only 1 kWh, and it is not easy to smell, the dormitory can also be used with peace of mind.

8.5cm heating plate diameter

It takes no time to warm 8. 5cm wide heating plate diameter, large heating area of the base, seamless fit with the flat cup bottom, rapid heat conduction and temperature rise, to achieve uniform heating, hot water will not be cold, my heart is always warm.

55°Automatic Constant Temperature Start A Warm Living Warm brown sugar water

Say goodbye to the pain in a special period and give you care from the inside out.

Milk drink

Constant temperature milk, intimate and delicate, warming the stomach and warming the heart

Lightly cultivated flower tea

Afternoon in the afternoon, I have a leisurely break, a cup of tea is a good place to relax.

Refreshing coffee

Stay up late at work, coffee refreshing and warming

Gravity sensor switch Warm on call

The bottom gravity sensor switch automatically heats the water cup after it is placed on the coaster, and the water cup is automatically powered off when it leaves the coaster, which enhances happiness from details and gives you a sense of temperature security.

Compatible with various water glasses Tolerate your “little picks”

Whatever you want to drink, listen to your container suitable for glass, ceramics, stainless steel and other materials for heating and insulation.

20MM thin and light body Compact and lightweight

The fuselage is 20mm, thin and not bulky, bring Ta, put the warmth in your pocket, and go to see the scenery that you have never seen before.

Minimal and lightweight appearance Exquisite and easy to use

ABS fire-resistant material body, safe and reliable, uses a mini-malist shape design, small convex texture of the body, safe and guaranteed functions, gentle and delicate skin touch, and transmits the temperature of love at all times.

Beginning with warmth Always safe

Putting safety first, compared to the warm coasters on the market, it adds a waterproof and anti-leakage function, which not only looks good, but also takes care of your safety.



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