Calming Dog Bed – The Anti-Anxiety Calming Bed for Dogs and Cats


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Picklnn calming dog bed

Why Choose Picklnn Calming Pet Bed?

This Picklnn calming dog bed was designed by therapists to be a safe haven for your cats and dogs!

The encircled rim creates a sense of security and helps activate the nervous system in a positive way which allows your fur kids to calm down faster and relax more easily.

Picklnn calming dog bed
Picklnn calming dog bed

Do have you a cat that excessively meows due to anxiety or stress? (Please bring your cat to the vet to root out other causes!) Sometimes a simple bed change can improve your feline’s quality of life.

This is ideal for any timid pet, shelter rescues, or simply as an awesome soft all-around sleeper!

Why Choose Picklnn Calming Pet Bed?

√ Orthopedic and joint support
√ Provides warmth and safety
√ Non-Slip bottom
√ Safe in the washer and dryer
√ Made with pet-safe materials

Being deep in our donut bed results in more effective sleep while helping to ease anxiety and stress. Our soft padded center gives very comfortable support while sinking your cat into their safe space.

Picklnn calming dog bed



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