Clothing Sexy Corsets
Clothing Sexy Corsets
Clothing Sexy Corsets

Clothing Sexy Corsets

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Corsette Beautiful Embroidery

Ideal to shape the figure and improve posture.

The Rods Don't Hurt

Waist Cinchers
This is a shorter/narrower version of the underbust corset, worn more like a wide belt. As the name suggest, it is used for compression of the waist.

Like a full-body girdle, a bustier will tighten up a bust and waist but without the support and rendering of a full hourglass shape. A bustier is considered underwear and is worn in support of other clothing.


A bodice is a piece of clothing worn over a chemise or shirt, which may include boning and can be laced. This is a piece of outerwear, like a fancy vest, and the under-shirt keeps it fresh.


When can i begin corset training?
There is no specific age where you can start corset training. Use your judgement. Honestly, I personally wouldn't start any younger than my 20s. Remember your body is still growing and changing, you want that to allow to happen naturally. Maybe you will grow into a perfect hourglass shaped figure in your teens and will be perfectly happy with your body shape! Give mother nature a chance to work her magic on you before you attempt to tweek anything.

Weight Loss?
This is not a diet or a weight loss plan. Using a corset for waist training is exactly that - training your waist into a new shape. You still need to live a healthy and active lifestyle to lose any weight. This is not a miracle solution. It will however help you feel full faster which may help with portion size but don't do this alone with plans of losing weight.


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